A console is an extension of a dashboard with one extremely powerful addition – the ability to perform business processes or external functions from a web based page. Now your dashboards can be utilised as fully interactive monitoring tools.

For Example:

  • Calling standard ERP business logic, such as releasing customer orders, bulk Printing, raising zero invoices.
  • Create output files / spreadsheets or pushing information to a 3rd party applications.
  • Accessing external functionality, such as restarting failed servers, logging users off, directly reading OS alerts even deploying new virtual machines.


Console Designer:

As with the creation of a report or dashboard, our console designer allows you to build pages, fetch reporting data from either database sources or directly from the Server, then apply ‘Click’ events against an object with the GUI. You can even import and existing infrastructure schema diagram and overlay the ‘Click’ events on to the screen.


Here we have a console that will monitor the performance of both Database and Application Servers as well as ERP Print Server Applications. (IFS ERP).

You can see that a Print Server has gone into ‘Error – RED’, by Clicking the GIU Image, once the server process has recovered the Image will return to a ‘Ready – GREEN’ status.

In this example, we have a sample of Inter-Day Customer Order Processing. You can see the build-up of Customer Orders requiring “Release”. After the reason for the delay is established the user simply clicks the “Planned” order Icon and in turn “Releases” the incoming customer orders automatically. Notice that some of the customers have been credit blocked, using the drill down functionality these scenarios can be individually investigated.