The challenge  with data is not just how and where it is stored  but how  it is presented and interpreted in a meaningful way. Most organisations are aware of dashboard technologies and it is likely your ERP will have some form of this functionality built in. Alternatively, you may purchase a full enterprise  dashboard suite such as Qlikview or iDashboards. Often using these product falls short of delivering useful business intelligence. Built-in functionality can likely be too restrictive whilst enterprise solution are far more complicated than first appreciated regularly become underutilised due to a lack of trained operators.

Integrated Futures Dashboards deliver business focused report results at a fraction of the cost of other tools. By extending your existing reporting structures into high level webpages the overview information is simply a few clicks away. Should you wish to delve deeper into any report, pages can be configured for users to drill down as required all the way to transactional information.

Dashboards do not require the need to install any further Middleware for data sourcing or storage, greatly reducing implementation time and TCO compared to other products.

The dashboard designer allows users to quickly and easily create graphical maps of your end to end processes allowing real-time data to be presented as a series of web pages. Dashboards maintain viewing security via your standard Role/Permission sets ensuring data integrity and compliance.

You can use standard database views and/or external sources, even using reports you have already developed as a data source, eliminating the need to rewrite an already approved report whilst adding the ability to drill down beyond the current information. Using our seamless data refresh technology, information is updated instantly.

Dashboards can easily be displayed as an HTML pages within your ERP client application, providing the same look and feel as with your existing system. Alternatively Dashboards can be embedded within the corporate Intra/Extranet extending the visibility of data to users who could benefit from visibility of such information but currently are not licensed to operate the ERP.