ERP IntelliDoc.

ERPi is a powerful suite of document management applications that allow users to harness the power of your existing ERP system, whilst extending the functionality beyond the standard customisation constraints. By utilising your existing investment, the cost of entry and TCO is far lower than any alternative on the market today.

Beyond that ERP IntelliDoc can be configured almost limitlessly to provide a solution for any document based requirement.

ERP IntelliDoc consists of several key components covering all aspects of document sending; scanning; processing; reading; filing.

Single E-Mails.

This module allows the ability to send a document report from virtually any screen within your ERP to any / many email addresses. The introduction of a custom E-Mail form ensures that a user can select to send a copy of the e-mail to any existing e-mail address not just the pre-defined communication method. In addition, you can manually enter multiple e-mail addresses.

With the ability to either follow existing or write custom workflows, any document sent can be attached to the associated screen within the existing document management system.

Bulk E-Mails

Processes such as statement runs can be automated. Once the business logic is configured, statements can be produced in bulk then separated for each individual client based on certain criteria, such as, not in credit; over 60 days; valid e-mail address; etc.

As with the single E-Mail module mails sent can be attached to the associated screen within your ERP.

Barcode printing

Existing reports can be edited to include barcodes for latter interpretation after the form has been completed by the user. Alternatively, any screen can be adapted to allow the production and printing of a barcode to be attached to existing paperwork once scanned the document can automatically be filed in your Document Management system.


Barcode reading

The Barcode module can be configured to monitor folders either on a file server or an e-mail* account. Once a document or collection of documents are received the system will interpret the barcode allowing the correct document to be attached to the correct repository within the document management system.


Photographic processing

Photographs that include barcodes or vehicle number plates** can be uploaded, interpreted and attached automatically to the document management system.


Document matching

Documents such as invoices can be scanned and presented to a user, the details are then displayed on screen and the user is presented with a lookup field. Once found the user can compare the information on the scanned document with the ERP transaction data, if the information is correct the invoice can be auto matched, business logic performed and a copy of the scan is attached to the corresponding record within the document management system. Not only does this greatly improve the speed of processing it offer significant savings in both licences and storage fees.