FreeForms is a cost-effective solution to the perennial problem of paper based data capture. By digitalising your existing paper based forms, users can collect data digitally whist retaining the familiarity of the original form. Layouts can be provided in any standard document format, PDF; EPS; DOC; XLS; JPG; PNG; etc. they are then digitalised and overlaid with data capture zones that represent data points within your ERP system. Once completed (on or offline) the forms can be automatically uploaded when a connection is established.


In addition to FreeForms replacing and automating your old paperwork, form filling can be interactive. Pick list for example can be populated based on information provided in previous fields; fields can be limited to specific values; fields can be m arked as mandatory; signatures can be requested. When using multiple forms, data captured once can be pre-populated on subsequent forms.

Using built in functionality from the hosting mobile device, features such as: Voice recognition for field completion; page zoom; page orientation; removal of form length limitations all provide a major advantage over paper based form filling.

Along with information entered by the user, GPS coordinates, times and dates can be automatically captured. FreeForms also allows the user to take photos, videos and voice recordings and upload them along with the populated form(s).

Once uploaded the data and media is provided in any format required to allow the insertion to your ERP systems and to perform any associated business logic required, examples include closing a job, issuing a parts order, attaching a PDF of the completed form to your document management system.